Tell us your story
and enter to win a free photo shoot

For years I have been hearing stories
from my clients as to why they decided to
have portraits done.
Often its as a gift for a loved one, or its
something they've always wanted for
its to start their career in modeling, or to
celebrate a milestone in their lives.
I've also heard stories involving beating a
life threatening illness,
or for their family to have the photos in
case they don't.

Whatever your inspiration, tell us about it.

Post it as a comment to the
Studio Thirteen Photography FB page.
The photo shoot will be awarded to the
person with the most comments and likes
on their story.
If you intend the photos to be a surprise
gift for someone, or you simply would like
to remain anonymous,
you my send me a private message and I
will post it for you with an entrant number.

Be sure to ask your friends and family to
vote for you.

Good Luck to everyone that enters :)
Rules and Limitations:

Entry open to all persons, if the winner is under 18 years of
age he/she must obtain written parental permission before
photo shoot may occur.

The contest winner will receive a photo shoot of their
choosing from any of the following options: Pinup, Glamour,
Boudoir, Individual Portraits, Family Portraits, or Modeling
Head Shots. Winner will also receive digital copies of up to
10 photos. Additional photos and prints may be purchased
at normal pricing.

Photo shoot to take place with in Bakersfield CA. or within
50 miles there of.

Winner must claim their prize within 30 days of the end of
the contest.

Studio Thirteen Photography and its management reserve
the right to remove a contestant for any reason, and to
modify any contest rules or limitations as needed.

Prize may be transferred on written approval from the
management of Studio Thirteen Photography.

Contestant entries may not be used by and third party
whether they be an individual, corporation, or institution.
Larry Wells 75th Birthday
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